A Quality Control Monitoring System for Clinical Next Generation Sequencing

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ChronQC is a quality control (QC) tracking system for clinical implementation of next-generation sequencing (NGS). ChronQC generates time series plots for various QC metrics, which allows comparison of the current run to historical runs. ChronQC has multiple features for tracking QC data including Westgard rules for clinical validity, laboratory-defined thresholds, and historical observations within a specified period. Users can record their notes and corrective actions directly onto the plots for long-term recordkeeping.


  • Suited for different assays in a clinical laboratory
  • Generates interactive time series plots for various metrics
  • Records users’ notes and corrective actions onto the graphs to facilitate long-term recordkeeping
  • Provides high level of customization: works with local databases and generates different chart types
  • Leverages existing standard tools such as MultiQC